Aditya L1 Live Streaming : Aditya L1 mission ready for launch

Aditya L1 Live Streaming : India ready to launch Aditya L-1 , countdown for solar mission starts today, know where you can watch live streaming.

It is not physically possible to send a rocket to the Sun. Because its temperature is 15 million degrees at its core and 5,500 degrees Celsius at the surface. Due to the high temperature, there is continuous nuclear fusion . This reaches our earth in the form of light and energy. India’s first solar mission is being launched with the main goal of observing this solar matter . The expedition is placed in the space-based observation category.

Sun will be studied by placing Aditya-L1 in coronal orbit of L1 point.

The whole world is celebrating India’s Chandrayaan mission. India is all set to launch the solar mission Aditya-L1. ISRO Chairman S. Today, the countdown will begin for Aditya-L1, which will be launched on September 2 at 11:50 am from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, Somnath said.

The Aditya L1 mission will study the ozone layer

The information gained from this mission will help to understand many mysteries and laws of other stars, galaxies and astronomy . The mission will study weather dynamics, the temperature of the Sun , the effect of ultraviolet rays on Earth and the ozone layer.

Scientists believe that the accuracy of weather forecasting will also increase by studying the sun . This will help in creating a system through which information about storms can be obtained immediately and alerts can be issued. The Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (SUIT), the core instrument for the Aditya L1 mission , has been developed by the Pune-based Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA).

ISRO has made special arrangements to show the world the launch of Aditya L-1. On its website, the organization gave the audience an option to book view gallery seats to watch the live launch of Aditya L-1 from the center in Sriharikota. However, there were only limited seats for this, which were filled only after the registration started.

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